Boiler Plant rehabilitation projects

Here you as prospective tenderer and contractor can find the documents referred to in the Instructions to Tenderer, as well as those that will be used if you are awarded the contract. Detailed information on how the documents relevant for the tendering process shall be used is found in Instructions to Tenderer that have been provided to you together with the link to this page.  Advice on use of the other documents we will provide to you at the pre-contract meeting.

The following documents are available for download at the bottom of this page:

  1. Sample of Tender Letter. We recommend that you use your own standard if possible, use our example as main guidance so you don’t miss anything essential.
  2. Template for the contract, that after pre-contract meeting will be adapted to suit the project and your tender. The extent of the Contract Works is determined by the Contract Documents, which is the Contract together with the documents that are attached thereto or which- without being attached – are referred to therein as applicable to the Contract works Such documents are (i) minutes of pre-contract meeting, (ii) your tender and (iii) the tender documents, including e.g. Technical Conditions and the Orgalime standard contract with amendments. The Contract Documents are mutually complementary.
  3. Template for the bank guarantee for advance payment (in case advance payment is needed), the wording to be used by the Bank or Insurance company.
  4. Template for Amendment to Contract including Collateral agreement. If you are a contractor outside of Ukraine, in most cases your need to establish a representative office or have a Ukrainian representative, that executes parts of the duties and also invoice a Customer and receives payments.
  5. Template for Parent company guarantee. In the case a Collateral agreement is signed, we also need a parent company guarantee, that you as parent company guarantees the performance.

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