Preparation of business plan

Location: Chuhuiv
Programme: DemoUkrainaDH
Project status: Feasibility study
Investment: -
Payback period: -
Reduced gas consumption: -



Chuhuiv is located in the northern part of Kharkiv oblast 35 km to the east from Kharkiv city, the oblast centre. Chuhuiv has a population of 32,800 inhabitants yet hosts more than 20 industrial enterprises. The city has more than 6,100 residential buildings, several educational and healthcare institutions as well as one stadium, one children and youth sports school, several sports clubs, a cultural centre and an art memorial museum.

Municipal Enterprise “Chuhuivteplo” is the only district heating supplier to residential, municipal and other consumers in Chuhuiv. About 77% of residential buildings are provided by district heating, and the approximate share of service in the city is about 70%. The company operates 13 boiler houses of total installed heat production capacity 107 Gcal/h. The company operates nearly 30 km of district heating networks.

Chuhuiv Demonstration Project

Business plan for this project is currently under preparation, thus no project details can be presented.

Current status

The project is in the business plan development stage within DemoUkrainaDH programme, and as of 2020 it is also considered by the SUDH programme for preparation of pre-feasibility study.


Photo credit: Denis Vitchenko